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When hiring an auctioneer that specializes in benefit auctions, you are not just spending money, but you are making an valuable investment. Let Cameron and his team get you and your organization the auction experience that will take your event to the next level!

About Us

Cameron Whitehead was raised in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas for the good majority of his life.  He attended San Marcos Academy and is still a resident of San Marcos.  Cameron has a passion for auctions and this passion stems from his upbringing, since he is a third-generation Auctioneer. He grew up spending most of his time at his grandfather’s auto auction in Belton, TX, where he learned the ins-and-outs of the industry. Since that time, Cameron has aspired to become an auctioneer and prolong the family business.  After he graduated from San Marcos Academy, he attended Missouri Auction School and received the honorary title of “Colonel” just like his father, and his grandfather. 

Cameron is currently living out his goals he made for himself as a young boy.  He has grown his business by totaling over 200 auctions per year, and he definitely isn’t going to stop there! He currently works at a few of the most prestigious auto auctions in the U.S. and also enjoys raising some serious money at various fundraising events and benefits.  While working as an auctioneer, Cameron is able to utilize his negotiation skills to maximize the value of every item that is sold and make every situation a “win-win”! 

At CW Auctioneers, I have a team in place who specializes in benefit auctions and fundraising events. Our mission is to create an exciting atmosphere in which we engage the audience and encourage them to bid competitively in support of the philanthropy. During the live auction it is our job at CW Auctioneers to maximize the value of each item to be bid on. This allows the audience to become more eager to donate and in turn makes the experience more fun! So, next time you need to raise money quickly at a fundraising event, please give me a call.

Raising money is my passion, and CW Auctioneers is how I make it happen! 



What Our Clients Say...

Cameron did an auction for our Athletic Booster Club at Canyon High School fundraiser. He did an awesome job and helped us raise a great deal of funds to help us with the scholarship program in our club. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an auctioneer, especially for a fundraiser.
— Daryl Pawelek, Canyon Athletic Club Booster
Cameron Whitehead did the auctioneering for our annual school fund raiser this past Saturday night. He was there well before the event started to get familiar with exactly what we
wanted from him. He did an excellent job. After the event was over I had multiple people come up to me and say that they were very impressed with the job he did. I believe he got the
most he could from each auction item but also kept things moving. We were through earlier and raised more money than any year that I can remember.
— Sid Colwell, Lifegate Christian School
Cameron was a great find! He added fun, energy and professionalism to our fundraiser live auction, and there is no doubt that he greatly contributed to its success. I loved how he would get out into the audience in front of the people bidding and make eye contact, stir up competition, and encourage extra bids. I definitely hope we can use him again next year!
— Kristi Carter, Cedar Park, Texas
We can not thank our Auctioneer enough for his expertise and success that he brought to our school fundraiser! This was our first time to do a Live Auction and he killed it! Great person, friendly, fun, professional, gets into the audience and gets people bidding higher than imaginable! We raised so much money for our school and owe it all the Cameron. We can not wait to have him again next year!
— Jill Moore, Cypress Elementary
CW Auctioneers was a fantastic addition to our fundraiser! Cameron was the consummate professional from start to finish...he responded promptly to calls and emails prior to our event, arrived well in advance the night of, and sought feedback afterwards. The live auction was a sight to behold...Cameron captured the audience’s attention quickly and created an engaging atmosphere that promoted bidding and generosity amongst our guests. Each “sold” brought an enthusiastic round of applause and often doubled what was raised from the same auction item the year before. We highly recommend him for any live auction fundraising efforts and eagerly look forward to utilizing his services again next year!
— Erin Coker, Lakepointe School
Cameron Whitehead is amazing! Cameron recently assisted us with an elementary school auction and was great! We could not have picked a better person for this job. This was the first time we held this event for our school and he went above and beyond our expectations. We are certainly eager to have him again next year and I highly recommend him for any auction needs. He was upbeat, fun and entertaining, helped keep the mood of the room going and without a doubt, helped our school raise more money than we would have been able to do on our own. Keep up the great work Cameron!
— Lori Kading, Austin, Texas

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